The PetWay delivers Holistic Pet Food & supplies to East Coast Virginia and North East North Carolina.  Delivery is FREE and every product we carry is 100% Natural! We are a local family owned company committed to providing you quality products and top-notch customer service. Try a free sample of our house blend and unleash your pet's health today!

The PetWay Blends

PetWay Buffalo & Brown Rice
Average Rating(11)
In Stock Free Home Delivery
PetWay Buffalo & Duck Grain Free
Average Rating(25)
We under ordered! Will be back in stock the 3rd week of October.
PetWay Grain Free Herring & Duck Feline
Average Rating(4)
In Stock
PetWay Holistic Grain Free Tri Protein Select
Average Rating(36)
in Stock
PetWay Holistic Growth and Performance
Average Rating(37)
In Stock
PetWay Holistic Kitten Food
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
PetWay Holistic Lean Canine
Average Rating(64)
In Stock
PetWay Holistic Lean Feline
Average Rating(11)
In Stock
PetWay Sensitive Choice Salmon & Brown Rice
Average Rating(67)
In Stock
PetWay Va Beach Canine Blend
Average Rating(18)
In Stock
PetWay Whole Life Lamb Meal & Brown Rice
Average Rating(28)
In Stock