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We opened The PetWay in 2007 to help our animal family members eat as healthy as the human family members. Our pets were not doing well on the foods we fed them  The perfect food was the following:  one that they liked, one that agreed with their digestive system, and,  one that made them feel and act well  One thing we pet owners decided was to feed our pets USA grown ingredients. Well, this food wasn't to be found, there was always an issue, most importantly-they didn't act excited to eat, we were even having to coax our black lab to eat!
Thus The PetWay, and after 8 years, our dogs still run to the kitchen at feed time, tails wagging-even  leaping into the air for their portion of a PetWay food!

Our food, treats and can foods are of a quality that we gladly feed to our own loved pets.

Where is our food made?
The PetWay's blends are made from USA ingredients manufactured by Ohio Pet Foods.  Ohio Pet Foods has been producing pet food for 28 years without ever having a recall. They are the only facility in the US that we have found that produces EU certified pet foods. Europe requires that pet foods use meat instead of by-products. The food is inspected and tested before distribution.

Why is The PetWay food so good for your pet?
Our formula is veterinarian and animal nutritionist formulated. The PetWay blends contain premium ingredients that are combined with prebiotics, probiotics and the bonus of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support. Your pet will thrive on this  truly unique and superior pet food.

Thousands of satisfied and happy PetWay customers report several things 1. That their pets are in excellent health, 2. they are pleased with our customer service, and 3. they feed only PetWay products to their pets.

We hope you find the same happiness at feed time, as well as a shiny, healthy, vibrant pet with our formulas. 

We Support the Local Community

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Currituck Animal Shelter

Gentle Giants Great Dane Rescue

 LCPT. Cody Childers Marine Memorial Fund