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Cat Attract...the problem cat and kitten training litter. This new scoopable litter provides a solution for cat owners whose cats do not use their litter box. Blended with a natural herb attractant, Cat Attract's herbal scent, ideal texture and particle size combine to solve litter box problems. 20 lb. Bag

Cat Attract is the first cat litter to specifically address problem cats. It is also an excellent litter for getting kittens off to a good start with their litter box habits.

  • Helps bring problem cats back to the litter box
  • Great training litter for kittens
  • Hard clumping
  • All Natural
  • Great for multi-cat households
  • Ideal for sifting/mechanical litter boxes
  • Superior odor control
  • 99% dust free

From the Manufacturer:
Over nine million cats suffer from litter box aversion. It's a leading reason why cats are abused, abandoned and put in shelters. Now there is Cat Attract, my answer to help these cats live a long happy, healthy life in a home, not a shelter. If your cat is not using its litter box, look for Dr. Elsey's product. 

Our Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat scoopable litters, Classic, Ultra and Ultra Scented are now 99.9% dust free. These litters also feature the ideal texture, particle size and "paw feel" to create the ideal litter box environment for your cats. This along with proper litter box care will keep your cat content and happy.
5 Stars
This litter is amazing!
My cat was starting to use the bathroom in places other than her litter box. As soon as we started using this litter, she has only gone in her box. Another big plus is that I don't smell anything and it's very clumpy; so clean up is a lot easier.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from South Mills, NC. on 9/14/2015
5 Stars
Great litter
I have tried so many litters and this one surpasses them all...it's long lasting...very absorbent. ..does not settle to the bottom with a urine odor....no stool odor...easy to scoop...just need to replace top layer of litter to keep the bin clean so you don't need to empty entire box for cleaning..just an easy wipe of the sides of the bin with a wet cloth or towelette and done...i have multiple cats and they all like this litter
Reviewed by:  from norfolk. on 8/30/2014

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