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Fussie Cat – Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Dry Cat Food

Your cat may be fussy, but if you haven’t tried Fussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Cat Food, you might be missing out on an exceptional meal that she will love! Fussie Cat sets itself apart by offering foods that have been taste tested by felines so that they’re fine tuned to be as delicious as possible. Of course, the best way to make a cat love a food is to fill it with meat, which is why Fussie Cat has a “Meat First” policy and keeps carbs low. The result? A highly nutritious, physiologically correct recipe that is absolutely irresistible to felines.

Fussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Cat Food is called Market Fresh because it is created with only the freshest and finest ingredients. Packed with the amino acids and protein your cat’s body craves, chicken, chicken meal and turkey meal are among the top ingredients in this food. As an obligate carnivore, your kitty needs a diet rich in animal protein, and Fussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Cat Food has a guaranteed analysis of 36% protein. Peas, chickpeas, flax seeds and alfalfa all make an appearance as well, providing fiber, vitamins and additional protein to round off this nutritionally complete, AAFCO-approved meal. Potatoes and grains are not included.

Fussie Cat knows that quality is amongst the top concerns for pet owners when it comes to their furry family members. Each Fussie Cat food is created in an FDA-registered kitchen that completes top down inspections and examinations daily to ensure that your cat’s meals are always safe and nutritious. Quality controls meet international standards for humans, as Fussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Cat Food is made in the same kitchen that produces human food. You can rest assured that your high standards for your pet are perfectly matched by Fussie Cat’s standards for their foods.

Your picky kitty is sure to be pleased with the meaty taste of Fussie Cat Market Fresh Chicken & Turkey Cat Food. Even better, you get to enjoy the peace of mind that her new favorite meal is perfectly suited to her nutritional needs. 

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