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CBD oil is a natural support tool for pets (& people) that has been reported to help with pain, inflammation, digestive issues, seizures, IBS, Colitis,  and a wide spectrum of physical issues. A beneficial side effect is increased bone density attributed to it's use. This natural oil is derived from the Hemp plant-via a cold pressed technique. The oil is basically mixed with a carrier, vegetable glycerin  and bottled-then tested for potency before being shipped out for use. 

Not all CBD producers are the same-some companies do not test or report the accuracy of the label contents. The products we have selected posts the laboratory testing results online for the consumers perusal. The carrier used can be also cause the CBD and other active ingredients to become ineffective in the body. Im Bue has researched this and chosen a carrier for the CBD oil that enhances the oil as well is beneficial.  This premium Colorado grown hemp products are non GMO, cruelty free, vegan and contain no added flavorings or sugars.

From Im Bue-
"We’re passionate about pets, too! We produce the very finest hemp CBD products for our furry friends as well. Grown and processed under the exact same conditions as our people products, organically in Colorado, our pet versions are carefully formulated for optimal concentrations for both cats and dogs. Available in both capsules and tinctures, we also offer topical products for your canine companions. Non-GMO, cruelty-free, organic, vegan and with no added sugars and minimal ingredients, our pet products are wonderfully packaged and offer outstanding value."

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Our easy-to-use 30 ml liquid is thoughtfully packaged within a drawstring muslin pouch and recyclable outer box. Simply administer 10 drops or so twice daily. Can be given orally or added to food-pleasant tasting.

im·bue� kittycomfort for cats 20mg - 1fl oz.

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