Charlie absolutely loves your food and I love what it does for her! Previously she would go two/three days without eating, no matter how much I changed the brand or added to make her food seem more interesting. I’ve also seen a huge difference in her coat, muscle density, and energy level. Thank you for providing food that I know I can trust!

- JacquelyIsom, Hampton, VA

Bear is a 5 year old pure bred Chesapeake Bay Retriever 
That being said he has had the typical allergies associates with most retrievers he has had several different foods which all have their own issues with him. After only 5 days of Petway White fish and Duck food his "spots " went away.  
We have also noticed an increase in his energy level as well as his coat is most beautiful. Most people ask first....how much is it? My response is....way cheaper than frequent vet visits where they guess what's wrong

Do your pet a favor and go the Petway products.
PS Our breed is a grain free happy boy

- Philippe Nolette

Our dog is a chocolate lab. He has had numerous allergic reactions on the various foods we have tried. Petway maintenance food has been an absolute wonder! His allergies have either gone away or dramatically calmed down. The food is wonderful & has made him feel better, along with keeping his weight right where he should be. And he likes it! For once about 4:30pm or 5pm he is asking for his dinner. He had never asked for it before. He loves it. - Lori Stull

We have tried countless brands ranging from Solid Gold, Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Recepie, etc but Pet Way Salmon is a FANTASTIC food. It satisfies our dogs, has eliminated messy bowl movements, healthier coats. We are very loyal PetWay customers now, suggesting it to anyone who wants a GOOD, solid dog food. A huge plus is that they deliver right to your door! Always very friendly on phone or in person. Take it from someone who has tried all the best foods and in between. If you care about your pets, this is the food for you. Also feels good buying locally (we live in Chesapeake and they deliver every week in Hampton Roads) and most of the other products arent even made in USA…
Worth the call, yes, I am a very satisfied customer!!!

- Shawna

I rescued my dog, Weber, in June from the Portsmouth Humane Society. They provided a small sample bag of The Petway's Chicken and Brown Rice. I ordered a 20lb bag of it and samples of the Chesapeake and Virginia Beach blends as my initial supplies for Weber. I was told by PHS that Weber was exhibiting signs of allergies (whether it was environmental or food they weren't sure) I spoke with my vet and they agreed that he does have some sort of allergies as he was balding in some spots, had an ear infection, as well as was itching and sneezing. 

I contacted Debbie and told her that Weber had some sort of allergies and she suggested we try to isolate a couple of things from his diet to find out. She sent me a sample of the grain free duck and buffalo kibble, along with the salmon and brown rice. I let Weber decide which food he wanted to try first by putting them in different bowls. He instantly went to the grain free duck and buffalo. I finished off the sample and noticed that he was not sneezing and itching as much as before, so I decided to buy a 20lb bag.

3 months later and Weber rarely sneezes/itches, fur has grown back on the balding spots by his underside of his hips and on his knee joints. He is also shedding a lot less and his coat has become thicker and shinier. Overall he seems to be a much healthier dog. Debbie's suggestions to isolate chicken first and grain second from Weber's diet was a great help and got me on the right track.

I want to say that Debbie has been nothing more than great with the service she provides. Every one of my emails she answered personally and promptly. She had honored requests for samples of the different blends (and I feel i had requested a lot of samples) no questions asked. The pricing is better than the high end foods at big box pet supply stores, and it is delivered to your front door (very quickly might I add), along with a sample of the treat of the month!

Weber loves the Duck and Buffalo blend that he cleans his bowl completely each and every meal, and doesn't suffer from the upset stomach that he would occassionally get with other brands and blends.

The Petway has earned my business and I will be a life long customer.

- Ren Awa

"Love the food simply said" - Kimberly Gross

Just got delivery of two bags of treats that I ordered after our cats gobbled up the samples we received with our last order and demanded more. (They're part Tonk and very vocal at times.) I went outside to pick up the delivery, but the cats had beaten me to it--they'd dragged the shopping bag across the porch, found the small sample bag inside, tore it open and ate every single treat. Then they asked for more when I showed up! I think they like them. - Terry Danaher

WOOF! I love my new food, it is so delicious! My faves are the Holistic Blend of dried food and Dave's canned food is awesome! Thanks to Pet Way for providing my mother with free delivery...it definitely makes things easier!

I just hope one day you are able to import your delicious food to Ireland! We welcome you any day!


"I have a Rottie, a German Shepard mix, and a Cocker Spaniel, all different ages and sizes. My 3 dogs all LOVE this food! I have them on the Holistic Chicken and Rice right now. They all gobble it up and lick the bowl and search around on the floor to make sure I didn't drop any! I feel good knowing that they are getting premium food and it is great not to have to go to the store every 2 weeks to pick up 30 lbs. of substandard (but expensive food). I am grateful to my friend Theresa who feeds her Rottie PetWay and recommended you to me and I am spreading the word, too." - Jen

I recently purchased the Holistic Grain Free Tri Pro 55 lb. dry dog food for my two mixed breed (Irish Wolfhound Mix and Boston Terrier Mix). The smaller dog was a rescue that trembled and had HORRIBLE breath! She now has a completely different personality. Her breath is much better and she no longer trembles (I think she may have had a grain allergy). My older, larger dog also enjoys the food. It has been a great change for these lively buddies.
If your dog's breath is horrendous - give this a try. It worked for us. Delivery is perfect!! This company is a gift! - M.Conway




heatherHello I have two Italian Greyhounds I have fed pet way puppy since I got them. The older one is now going on 4 years old. The other just turned 1 year old. I have seen many other greyhounds their age and even the vet swears these two are the most healthy and strongest she has ever worked with. The Italian greyhounds often have a protein deficiency as youngsters causing weak and brittle bones. With feeding this high quality food my boys have strong bones and lean muscle. Everyone that sees them can't believe they are so well built. I will never feed anything else! My boys are proof this stuff is awesome! - Heather



"My cats are crazy about your food. I tried to switch them slowly, as you are supposed to, but they kept eating around the old to get to yours!! My 12 year old cat has never eaten from my hand, I put your food in my hand, and she gobbles it up. The kittens run to me the moment I open the food container!! You are awesome, thanks for everything you do!!!" - Janine Lackey

"We welcomed Shyla our lab into our family a little over a year ago (she is so much fun), and PetWay came highly recommended. We have been using them ever since. Food is great for the dogs, have a min pin too, treats are great, and always a timely delivery. Will continue to use. Thank you for all that you do!" - Dana

Chewiw Rottweiler
"Chewie (Rottweiler), Leia (pit/lab), Rosie and Toby (cats) want to say Merry Christmas and thank you for the delicious food! The FREE home delivery is so convenient, and based on the list of ingredients in the food, I would eat it! Sometimes I think the animals eat better than we do. :) thank you so much for your amazing products and service." - The Moore Family








liz hoges
My dogs love Petway brand dog food. It's healthy and taste great! Delivery is always fast and everynow and then they throw it some great treats for my babies to sample. Great service at affordable prices.- Liz Hodgis


Joey Gilmer

Joey Gilmer says
"Fantastic company with superior customer service, Thank you"



Kerri Wood says "I love this food! My dog tried everything from super expensive to super cheap and nothing worked. We were referred to Petway by One of my husband's coworkers. Jack now eats a full bowl of food a day (before it took him 2dys to eat a bowl). Also, we have their vibrant pet joint health which is just as good. I would recommend Petways food to everyone and anyone!"

Ashley Houston says "We learned about the PetWay about 6 months ago and love it! Everyone is so friendly, they deliver right to your door, and when my boyfriend hurt his leg even brought it inside for us, also they always bring free treats for my babies! We have a aussie/boxer mix and a black lab mix. Rhyker (boxer mix) has ALWAYS had a very very sensistive stomach and has always been a picky eater. He would always vomit and have diareah with no explanation, we felt so bad for him but had no clue what to do. One day while on duty a friend told my boyfriend of the PetWay and how well his dog had done on it...we switched right away! Now Rhyker is healthy and rarley ever gets sick and acts like a puppy again! We also recommended them to my boyfriend's mom who now uses the food for her dog with allergies and Biscuit has improved a ton! My babies are so happy with this food and so are we! This is what we will use for life and I highly recommend it to every pet par ent out there! :)"

Michele Ziegler says "Ordering form Petway is the best thing we have ever done - wish we had done it a long time ago! The food is healthy, very affordable, our great dane, Diesel, loves it and i don't have to carry huge dog food bags from the store anymore. Everyone is so friendly and helpful - you are treated like family. Absolutely recommend them!"

tinaBea CoBell says "My dogs have been on an all Pet Way products for over a year. Everyone is healthy and happy. I have one full figured little girl that has lost a little over 1 lb. in a years time just from switching to the holistic lean dry food. We are very pleased!"5 chias




kari JO


Kari Jo says: "We love The Pet Way Shop!!!! The food is amazing, our great dane loves it and is so healthy on it! their delivery service is outstanding. If we need it right away they will have it on our doorstep the next day...FOR FREE!!! AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!"







Cheryl says:
"Our 2 dogs really LOVE your food! And our vet was amazed at how healthy our 9 year old lab was for his age due to the new food at his last visit....Thanks So Much!"

L.G Myers says:

"The Petway Rocks! Having three totally different breeds of dogs, Black Lab, Aussie, and "Who knows" with three different eating styles, metabolism's wasa chore buying dog foods that wouldn't put on the extra pounds. Our vet gave us literature on the food. That's ALL SHE WROTE, my babies love the food, their coats look fantastic, their energy levels are like puppies. My dogs
feel great and it shows! The only thing that has changed since we have ownedthem, the food. The PetWay, will be the only food for our dogs from now on. The home delivery, what could be easier, when they say it will be here on
uesday, its here when I get home from work. Thank you PetWay, thank you"

Brenda Sickles says:

"Bella was 96 lbs when the previous owner acquired her in August 2009. We became Bella's new parents November 4, 2009 at which time she weighed 101 lbs. Her temporary very home listed her on Craigslist – Reason: he was getting a divorce and was unable to spend time with her.

When she came to use she would not eat - didn't like to eat. We tried several foods with her but she didn't like anything. Her nipples were slightly enlarged and she had a small vaginal discharge which could have been an infection, pyometria, or she could be having a false pregnancy both are typical of an unspayed female.

Needless to say, after returning from our Thanksgiving weekend upon rubbing Bella's tummy it shoved back. This was confirmation that there were in-fact pups inside - NO INFECTION. So Monday, November 30, 2009 we did an x-ray in which Brenda counted 13-14 Great Dane skeletons. Getting her to eat was of the highest importance – nutrition for her and the puppies.

To get her to eat, we tried everything. I was at the end of my rope to get this girl to eat. She shunned everything. So canned dog food had to be added to her kibble. While she was nursing, we added meat based baby food and cooked chicken liver, to her kibble. This was to ensure that she would eat to stay healthy and to produce enough milk for the pups. Producing enough milk never did happen but she stayed healthy enough and produced milk until about week 2 when she refused to eat once again. At week two we were bottle feeding around the clock to supplement the little bit of milk she could produce for the 13 puppies. The pups were two weeks old when we were introduced to Debbie and Cameron and The PetWay food and Bella has never turned down her food again.

The puppies ate The PetWay food too. We tried once, to use another brand but found out quickly that these puppies were highly sensitive just like their momma so The PetWay would remain their food as long as they were in my care. As a matter of fact, many adoptive owners purchased the food to go home with and still continue to use it today. All three of the local adoptive owners are still using The PetWay and switched their previous dogs to The PetWay brand.

Debbie and Cameron were so gracious as to prepare puppy packs to go home with all our puppies so the owners could transition the puppies to their new dog food gradually. Many out of state owners continue to use The PetWay formula too.

Her new food, The PetWay’s Maintenance Chicken and Rice mixed 50/50 with VeRus Opticoat (Menhaden Fish) and Potato makes her coat soft and silky. She is no longer underweight, and she enjoys her food, thoroughly. This dog would not eat, she was depressed, anorexic and it showed in her coat’s color and texture. She is finally healthy - physically and emotionally. Now Bella is perfectly proportioned; she is 32 inches tall and maintains her weight at 120 lbs. Our 13 puppies survived because Bella ate quality food and because they ate quality food. We owe so many thanks to Debbie, Cameron and The PetWay – they truly were life savers; it was a miracle!"

bella low weight
Bella Before
96 lbs.
bella after
Bella After 120 lbs.

Tiffany says:

"Our dogs just LOVE your food. Their health is great."

tiffany dog testimonaisltiffany 2


Levi says:levi

"I also want dogs Eating Foodto let you know how well the salmon blend is working for our cocker spaniels. After doing research over a year ago we started to use Taste of the Wild dog food because of the skin issues that our dogs were having. This brand was highly recommended by our vet and other fellow cocker spaniel owners. Once switching over to their dog food SOME of the skin issues went away, but there were still lingering conditions. Only a few days after we started blending in your dog food with our old stuff we began to notice less irritation and a decrease in blackened skin for both of our dogs. Now that they have been nearly completely converted over to the petway blend we are seeing continued improvement. I'm excited to find a dog food that is both affordable and local for our dogs."


Sabrina says:

"I have an 11 yr old Amstaff that was born with a genetic bone disease and I have to keep him on a dogfood with glucosamine and keep his weight down so he doesn't hurt his front legs. I have tried several types and the Holostic Supreme Chicken and Brown Rice is perfect for him!! He has been on this dog food for just 2months now and he acts like a 2yr old puppy!!! I love the pet way dog food!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!"


paula zero
Paula Zaro says:
"We recently switched all of our personal dogs as well as our rescues to ThePetWay foods. Although each dog is on a different formula we have seen a HUGE change in the coat and in their overall eating habits. I have since contacted all of my previous adopters and given them this website and information on the food...After the 13 Great Dane puppies were discovered with having very sensitive stomachs, we were amazed at how fast they adapted to the food after being on it. Solids stools from the get go all the way until the last puppy got adopted at 15 weeks old! We cannot be happier with the results."

Rob Martin says:
"Thanks for the VERY FAST delivery. You guys are the best!!!!"

"Roxy is totally in love with your Lean Holistic Blend dog food! She has always hated dog food and we have tried a bunch over the last 8 years. My husband is a really good cook and she is very spoiled! We are so happy that she loves it and she has no idea it's weight management, she's a bit puggy. Thank you so much." - Pam Herman

great danes

Lisa Daum says:

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League! I've been feeding my own danes and my fosters your food now for a while..and everyone is doing wonderful on it. Our Noah has a very sensitive stomach and was always sick to his stomach. He hasn't been sick at all since switching to the Petway foods. Every ones coat is super shiney and soft. Thank you so much!!!



Kerri Cartwright says:
"Our dogs love this food! We have a very small Pomeranian that is doing great with the small breed puppy food. We also have a puppy Bullmastiff that loves feed time! They both have great coats with lots of shine, and love their food! The Bullmastiff is on the large breed puppy, and loves it! I definitely recommend PetWay!"

Dusty and Gracie

Ivey Godfrey says:

"We eat a lot of organic food ourselves. I was thrilled to learn that I could provide the same quality and health benefits for my dogs too!"

Jason M. Fatich says:
"We have an Aussie that is going on 8 and a minature Aussie that will be 3 and they love the food. The older dog was starting to develop some arthritis and the younger one was becoming a little overweight. My wife got a free sample and the dogs loved it so I began buying the holistic weight management blend. The results have been great. The weight has come off and the energy level has increased significantly. I tell everyone I run into about this food."

Debra Blevins says:
"I love this service and my dogs love the food!"

Patty Weeks says:
"We adopted a dog from Currituck Animal Lovers Organization, she was emaciated from her traveling days. We started her on the Premimum Adult Maintance and after two weeks her coat became softer and she started putting on body fat. The Vet was impressed with her body's recovery. It has been two months and she looks fantastic. I can't wait to take her back to Currituck so they can see her. We also put our two cats on Holistic Life. I though they were soft before, but now they are butter soft. Thanks PetWay"

Keriths Dogs

Kerith says:
"All of our dogs love this food. The vet complimented them on their weight, coat, and general health. The delivery service is incredibly convenient and customer service is top notch"

Debbi Gegner says:
"My 3 Gordon Setters and 1 English Setter love the food.
I have a Gordon that will be 9 next month and when I take her to the vets, they are blown away by the condition she is in...she is the perfect weight. She was diagnosed to be dysplastic at 3 years of age. Now at 9, and with great nutrition, she shows no signs of it!!!"

great daneJennifer Cordosi says:

"Our Dane Nina was a rescue and when taken in was filled with worms and starved 119 

pounds additionally, she was used by a back yard 

breeder as their puppy factory. As a result, Nina put on weight quickly during her recovery. She topped out at 158 pounds before we knew her thyroid off. We fed her less food than our other Dane and we walked her 3 miles a day, but she did not loose the weight until we had no choice but to put her on thyroid pills. They are very expensive. After a year on these pills she lost some weight, but not enough knowing she was on 4 pills a day. We decided it may be what we are feeding her that kept weight on her, so we switched to PetWay. In less than 9 months she is down to 1/2 a pill and weighs a solid 143. The vet said this the best they have ever seen her and she is far more spunkier at 7 (that is old for Dane) than she was. Her fur is no longer dull and there is no more skin flaking. We and our Vet attribute this to the PetWay food, since that is the only thing we changed in her routine. As a result, we were able to get her from 4 pills a day to a 1/2 and have plans to make this her last month of the thyroid medication. With our vets help, we will monitor her levels to assure she can remain off the medication as long as we don't change her food. I personally believe is is the holistic ingredients in the food that helped her system achieve the balance she needed to maintain her target weight. We even put our senior cats on it now. That is another testimonial in itself.

Jan says:
"Six of the healthiest cats - ages 3 months to 10 years - are thriving on this catfood. Although Tortoiseshells are notoriously dull coated; my ten-year-old touts a shiny coat as she energetically jumps after mice, bugs, and leaves in the yard. The baby Russian Blue has a shiny coat that is magnificent while her sisters and brother cats also shine. Before eating the Petway foods, there were urinary issues, hairballs, and low energy levels. Now, all six cats enjoy healthy lives and beg for their Petway foods."